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The Expand Project   

The Expand Project was created as a result of funding awarded under the European Commission’s 7th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation.

The Project has consequently developed an expansion valve prototype and controller to reduce the energy consumption of chilled vending machines and commercial refrigeration systems. The EVA’s role was to administrate and oversee the development of the valve, and ensure dissemination among the industry.

The project has now been completed and project results will be presented in the course of 2017. Development was undertaken and coordinated by one of our Members, the research and development company Re/gentT, with input from 5 other research and/or industrial companies across Europe.
For more information, please click here. EVA Members can find detailed project information and results on the Members Only website.     


The Committees

The EVA Committees allow Members to share their expertise and set the EVA agenda in their area of competence.

Committees meet regularly (and as required) to discuss the latest developments in the legislative, political, technical or economic field. They suggest the strategic direction to be taken by the whole industry.

The EVA Committees are set up and maintained to meet an industry or segment need, or as a consequence of the EU political agenda.

The current Committees are:                 
The Committees are regulated by a Charter that sets out the rules of procedure, the responsibilities and the work ethics.

If you think that you can make a contribution, please contact us as a Member to participate in a Committee of your choice.

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