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A network of industry experts

Members of the EVA are experts from the vending and OCS industry
The membership of the EVA is composed of National Associations and companies. The companies are of a European dimension and are industry leaders in each segment (Machines, Payment systems, food & drink, cups, operators).

The EVA’s membership is as diverse as the industry itself and it includes both National Associations and corporate members.

National Vending Associations

The National Associations (NAs), similarly to the EVA, are made up of operators, ingredient manufacturers, cup suppliers, machine manufacturers and payment systems providers. The National Associations report to the EVA on their national situations and issues. There are currently 13 European National Associations within the EVA representing 14 countries. They form an international network of vending experts. Whilst NAs have different sizes and resources, they share a common objective of serving and promoting the vending industry with national authorities and to the EU.

Corporate members

89 companies and 2 associate associations are members of the EVA. They cover all the various sectors and  different aspects of vending and office coffee service (OCS):

- machines (table tops, freestanding, combi machines, coffee, cans & bottles, snacks, ice cream,
  hot meals, etc);- cups (paper or plastics);
- ingredients (milk, coffee, tea, chocolate, soft drinks, snacks, etc);
- water filters;
- coin mechanisms;
- banknotes validators;
- cashless systems (with cards, tokens, keys or contactless cards);
- security systems;

According to the EVA legal statutes, the Members of EVA fall into 5 categories:
  • Full members: the national vending associations of any European country, in the EU or beyond.
  • Direct members: businesses in vending, in any of the categories mentioned above.
  • Supportive members: businesses or organisations that do not correspond to any of the 2 previous definitions but share a number of objectives with the EVA. 
  • Supportive members (National Operators): vending operating companies that are solely functioning in one country, and fulfil the general criteria required to become a supportive member.
  • Associate members: Associations or organisations representing vending and coffee service or related industries, but primarily based in other geographical world regions.
If you are interested in joining the EVA, please refer to “Become a Member” webpage or contact directly the EVA.

Should you be looking to buy a vending machine, payment system or water filter, or looking for information on a product or simply wanting to contact an operator, please consult our Members List. We suggest you contact directly Members relevant to your query. 
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