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AAEON Technology Europe joins the EVA

12.04 '18
AAEON is a telemetry solution provider.
AAEON offers optimised vending machine management with 24/7 global monitoring through its telemetry solutions, which can provide live inventory tracking, active machine sensors and even video surveillance. These solutions can help the vending operator minimise maintenance costs and view the status of their installed machines anywhere and at any time. Their product line 'Brainy' is also available as a retrofit to basically any vending machine.

“AAEON is glad to join the EVA as a member and will be keen to contribute to the implementation of Intelligent Vending solutions. As [an] industrial embedded PC manufacturer we are fully aware about the needs of vending machine manufacturers and operators; indeed since years we are co-working with some of them to create the new generation vending machines” explained Marco Barbato, Director of PSM & Technical Department at AAEON, “Our dedicated product line Brainy combined with our dedicated network of partners for vending, is aimed to provide multiple levels of solutions for who wants to retrofit or create new intelligent connected vending machines”

Erwin Wetzel, EVA Director General, commented, “I extend a warm welcome to AAEON as our latest new member. Telemetry is a genuine technological solution for operators seeking the convenience of knowing at all times when and where their machines need servicing, updating or filling, and I fully expect intelligent vending machines to grow in the coming years as more and more operators recognise the benefits solutions like these can bring.”

AAEON Technology Europe, based in the Netherlands, joins the EVA as a Supportive Member.

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