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Green Conspiracy joins the EVA

10.04 '17
Green Conspiracy is a recently formed Belgian fresh food vending company.
Health conscious, hardworking and busy people can find it difficult to get the food they want without spending their own time searching, cooking and preparing. Many people are also fed up with leaving behind a mountain of plastic waste when ready-to-eat dishes are consumed. Green Conspiracy aims to provide a solution to these issues by offering consumers organic, local and ready-to-eat salads and soups in BIOSQ-branded vending machines without creating practically any waste at all – as the vending machine allows customers to return their reusable plastics to recover the deposit money.

Paul Letsch, representing the company, explained succinctly why Green Conspiracy has joined the EVA, "As a recently created small Belgian company, we need all the advice we can get to develop our vending concept and secure our presence on the market."

EVA Director General Erwin Wetzel welcomed the new company to EVA Membership, “Part of the EVA's role as the pan-European representative of vending and coffee service is to aid understanding of the industry and provide the data and sectoral trends to help Members develop their businesses. These are some of the reasons why new companies like Green Conspiracy can really benefit from Membership, and why I’m pleased to see them join us.”

Green Conspiracy, based in Brussels, joins the EVA as a Supportive Member.

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