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Conference + AGM 2014

The EVA celebrated its 20th Anniversary with a 2014 Conference entitled, “Maximising your success for the next 20 years” and AGM, held on 11th December in Brussels.

The conference included key speakers addressing important topics relevant to the industry, such as ‘Fiscal trends,’ ‘adapting to changing consumption habits,’ and the ‘potential of branding to attract new customers.’ Speeches were followed by an interactive discussion allowing attendees an opportunity to share their views on these themes.

An interesting ‘Innovations section’ by EVA Members followed the main presentations, and provided a platform for highlighting new developments for the vending industry. Speakers had only a few minutes to outline their project, and the audience selected the development they felt was the most creative. The elected winner of the EVA Innovation Award 2014 was Microtronic, with their new online payment and marketing ‘e vending’ application.

The 20 year history of the EVA was then recounted by various former Presidents and Directors highlighting their achievements in tenure, and outlining their views on the evolution of the EVA down through the years. Each was presented with an award in recognition of their contribution to the EVA, while a photo slideshow provided a suitable and enjoyable background to the presentations.

Microtronic was the exclusive Titanium sponsor of the event, sponsoring the Conference and AGM, as well as the evening gala dinner. Platinum sponsors of the Conference and AGM comprised Ingenico, Verifone, Advantech and 24 Vend/Unicum. All sponsors were able to showcase their latest products and machines to Members throughout the day, and took the opportunity to make a presentation as part of the Innovation Section.

A celebratory dinner followed the conclusion of the AGM, and gave attendees a chance to relax, socialise and network amongst a background of live Jazz music. The setting was the historic Belgian Comics Museum; guests were furthermore welcomed and entertained by famous characters from ‘The Adventures of Tintin’ by Hergé.

The EVA thanks all speakers, participants and sponsors for ensuring the Event and 20th Anniversary was so successful and productive, and looks forward in anticipation to the next 20 years for the Association and industry.


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The speakers of the Conference: "Maximising your success for the next 20 years":

  • How to adapt your business to changing consumption habits?

"Coffee and coffee consumption has changed during recent times. What are the milestones and current challenges in coffee? Which factors will influence future coffee business and what effect will this have on the entire coffee industry?".

     Dr. S. Schwarz, Coffee Consulate
     To access to Mr. Schwarz full CV, please click here

  • Interpreting fiscal policy trends in the EU

“The European vending industry and especially smaller companies suffer from fiscal policy and tax administrations. What are the recent trends in Europe’s fiscal policy and how SMEs can influence it to avoid additional burdens and to make life easier for those companies? Tax policy is still decided by unanimity at European level, which slows down any decision making processes significantly. However, there are recent developments, which have impact on vending companies too. Strategies to ensure that companies interests are heart have to be built on best practices and have to be designed together with national organisations to make a difference.”

     G. Huemer, Director Economic & Fiscal Policy, UEAPME (Trade Association for SMEs)
     To access to Mr. Huemer full CV, please click here
     Including a question & answer session

  • Our industry in 20 years

"How do we imagine the future in a world of constant evolution? How will innovations taking place today change our life in 2034? How will the vending machine industry look like in 20 years?

Let's discover the potential future of vending machines - Get inspired!"

     F. Semlali, Business Coach, Quantum Resources
     To access to Mr. Semladi full CV, please click here


  • Understanding the potential of intelligent branding to attract new customers

"In order to attract new customers you have to know what they want. In addition you need to understand what they expect from your brand. The challenge is how can you surprise them in how you deliver that request in an on-going basis. Starbucks consumers are looking for more than just a product; they want an experience. I am happy to share the approach Starbucks Coffee Company is taking to engage with our consumers in the premium self-serve environment."

     Michael Haley, Director of Premium self-serve EMEA ,Starbucks Coffee Company     
To access to Mr. Haley full CV, please click here   
     Including a question & answer session



Conference and Annual General Assembly Meeting

Hotel Le Plaza

Boulevard Adolphe Max 118-126

1000 Brussels, Belgium


Cocktail and Dinner (11th December, Evening)

The Belgian Comics Museum

Rue des Sables 20

1000 Brussels, Belgium


Titanium sponsor:

Platinum sponsors:



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