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AGM & Conference 2015


2015 marks a turning phase in the type of Events organised by EVA, and this year’s AGM and Conference is organised in collaboration with the Spanish Vending Association (ANEDA). The 2015 EVA AGM & Conference will be held on 26th & 27th November, in Malaga - Spain.

This year’s Event is ‘Something different’ which will:

- Promote OCS & vending to the Authorities (including the local Authorities), to the Media and
  the consumers
- Increase networking opportunities
- Attract more people – a wide range of industry players are expected
- Enable new sponsoring opportunities – meet new clients & retain loyal customers by showing
  your brand (gain more “brand lovers”)


- Meeting/dinner with the Authorities 
- Press conference
- A “Wow” special vending experience will highlight the industry to the consumers in a commercial area of Malaga
- Diversified programme and activities:
    ° Conference on innovations
    ° Exchange of best practice between European vending operators
    ° Manufacturers & suppliers: discussion on latest developments
- Unique locations & activities in Malaga & Granada:
    ° Guided visit of La Alhambra: Number 1 monument visited in Spain
    ° Commercial exhibition
The registration for the participants will start at the end of July. More information will be communicated in due course.


Pre-programme schedule

Wednesday 25th November 2015
(only for Executive Committee members & large sponsors):

- Meeting with Spanish Authorities to present the OCS & Vending industry
- Press Conference in the conference hotel
  Presentation of the results of the EVA market & consumer studies
- Display the technology in the "WOW" vending machine in a commercial area of Malaga - Maria
  Zambrano (direct access from the Barcelo hotel)
- Dinner (including authorities, press & EC members)

Official programme

Thursday 26th November 2015

8:00            Registration
9:00            EVA General Assembly
10:45          Visit of the "WOW" vending experience
11:30          Departure to La Alhambra (Granada) by bus
13:30          Lunch Cocktail at La Alhambra
15:00          Guided visit of La Alhambra
20:30          Dinner in Malaga

Friday 27th November 2015

In parallel to the EVA Conference, a commercial exhibition will be held.

EVA Conference Jornada Piensa en Vending
8:30      Registration 9:30      Opening of Trade Show
9:00      Opening remarks 11:00    Commercial Exhibition
9:15      Conference on technology (part 1) 13:30    Joint cocktail lunch
11:15    Conference on technology (part 2) 15:00    Commercial Exhibition
12:15    European vending operators
             Exchange of best practice
19:00    End of official programme
12:15    Manufacturers & Suppliers
             Discussion on latest developments
13:15    Summary & conclusions  
13:30    Joint cocktail lunch  
15:30    Networking & End of official programme  



Conference venue:

                  Hotel Barcelo
                  Calle Héroe de Sostoa, 2
                  29002 Málaga - Spain





"WOW" sponsor:

"Lanyard" sponsor:


"Malaga" sponsor:


"Andalucia" sponsor:


Who can be a sponsor?

Any member of the European Vending Association (EVA) as well as members of the Spanish Vending Association (ANEDA) (co-organizer of this event), can apply for sponsorship opportunities. SPONSORS should be the companies that believe in the future of our industry and recognize great opportunities.


If you are interested in being a sponsor of the event, please contact Julie Barth at for more details.

Watch the video of the last EVA Conference & AGM 2014 in Brussels:
2015 European Vending Association