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AGM 2013 + Workshop

The European Vending Association will hold its Annual General Assembly on November 28, followed by its workshop themed: “Shaping the EVA’s goals for the next 3 years”. The Workshop will be an opportunity for EVA members to discuss and decide how to implement the new strategy into the structure of the organisation.

A fun-filled evening is guaranteed & will include: card shuffling, the sound of a spinning roulette wheel, and the rolling of dice! Casino Entertainment, with professional croupiers, is what’s in store for participants, who will play for free!

  • General Assembly: from 11.00 am until 1.00 pm with ELECTIONS
  • Workshop: from 2.00 pm until 6.30 pm
  • Cocktail + Dinner + CASINO: from 7.30 am until midnight

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Agenda of the AGM

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The results of the elections

The information is available under the Media section, Press room.
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Candidates for the elections of the Executive Committee 2014-2015


Michael Maurer, EVA Treasurer - Current EC member
Representing Northern Europe Operators

Jan-Marck Vrijlandt, Selecta - Current EC member
Representing International Operators

Xavier Arquerons, Alliance Vending - CV
Representing Southern European Operators

Representing Eastern European Operators:

Two candidates:


Balazs Szöllösi, Tri-Matic Ltd - CV                                       Michal Piotrowiak, Mastercup - CV
   (current EC member)

National Associations


Gillian White, 24Vend - Current EC member                 
Representing AVA                                                         

Hubert Boyer, Darea - Current EC member
Representing NAVSA

Robert Hausleitner, Crane Mechandising Systems - Current EC member
Representing BDV

Lucio Pinetti, CONFIDA - CV (current EC member - Representing Southern European Operators)
Representing CONFIDA

Suppliers - Representing Payment Systems:

Two candidates:


Paul Theobald, MEI - CV                                           Alain Huc, Ingenico - CV
(current EC member)

Suppliers - Representing Ingredients:

Hugh Hose, Nestlé - Current EC Member

EVMMA (Machine Manufacturers):

Paolo Ghidotti, N&W - CV
Representing EVMMA

If the proposed statues changes are adopted according to the new strategy, the candidates for the new seats are the following:


Dr. Hilmar Walde, Brita Group - CV
Representing Point of Use water companies

Office Coffee Service

Arnaud van Amerongen, Aequator AG - CV (current EC member - President)
Representing the Office coffee Service Coffee segment


Daniele Simonazzi, Flo Spa - CV
Representing the cup manufacturers

National Association Managing Directors

Boris Belotserkovsky, RNVA - CV
Representing the NA Managing Directors

The sponsors

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 AGM and workshop

Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie

Avenue Louise 91-93

1050 Brussels

Cocktail and dinner

Brasserie du Prince d’Orange

Avenue du Prince d'Orange 1

1180 Brussels


For your participation in this event or for sponsoring opportunities (for EVA Members only), please contact:

Julie Barth, Head of Admin & Events, at

2014 European Vending Association