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Worldwide Vending Association

The Worldwide Vending Association speaks on behalf of the vending industry in 21 countries and represents 20,000 companies operating some 10 million vending machines. 

WVAThe Worldwide Vending Association was founded by the European Vending Association, EVA, and the National (US) Automatic Merchandising Association, NAMA.

It was set up on 14 June 2006 to tackle the increasingly large number of decisions, made at a global level, that impact the vending industry daily.

The WVA strongly believes that wherever decisions are made, or policies devised, which may affect the vending industry, its stakeholders need to be aware and make every effort to influence decision-making.

The WVA has rapidly acquired a reputation of competence in the Worldwide Minting Community, with National Banks, banknote designers and printers.  With the support of the vending industry worldwide, it has a say in matters such as coinage and banknote design, health and wellbeing, and environmental regulations. Furthermore, it will continue to work towards unified plug and play standards for the industry, and serve as a knowledge centre on vending technologies and innovation.
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